Anita Kovacevic Photography


Your work is great, reflects maturity and vision. - Noredin -, Artist

You have a great take on the world around you not to mention an obviously well trained eye for detail. - Todd, Photographer

Beautiful photography. I'm always awed to be in the presence of a real photographer.' - A. from Gaia community
:You inspire us all! - Glen Gabriel, Composer 
You got talent that's for sure! - Frank from Mobile, Musician
Thank you for showing your art! Very nice work. It's like a poem for my spoiled eyes. - Enno, Photographer
I don't have words! You are great. A great artist! I love your world's vision in a lot of these photos. Today, you have a new fan.
- Matteo Iacobone , Artist
 I am very impressed with your body of work! - Annie Scott, Artist Representative with World Art Media
Dear Anita Kovacevic, I had the opportunity to view your work, and I'm amazed with the depth and variety of your 
   knowledge and many aspects of art. - Adriana Mogucka, Artist Representative at Artmole
Thanks for sharing your work. I loved it.  Keep up the wonderful black and white shots that capture all our souls!
- Liam
 I have admired your work on you website, and I am very interested in adding some of your work for sale on - James Walton, Director, Photolark Gallery
Your art has me thinking a lot about myself and that is what great art is supposed to do. Your photographs aren't 
just pictures, they are so full of emotion and they make the viewer interpret different things and look deep inside
themselves to find who they really are. Amazing work! You are truly an amazing and gifted photographer.
Excellent job! - Rick Corbett, Artist
We at ArtLA find your work to be exceptional...Heidi Gray, Co-Founder,
Beautiful...just beautiful.  You are an amazing photographter.  Your photos are very dramatic and classic looking. 
Your use of light and shadow is not only awe inspiring but very masterful. Excellent work! - Rick Corbett, Artist
Anita, I happened upon your photography some time ago and made note of it. You have a DEEP and DIVERSE portfolio.
-Great stuff. - Troy Dearmitt
Your artwork titled Golden Road specifically caught our attention. We found your work to be exceptional. 
- Heidi Gray, Co-Founder at
We have been observing your work and career for some time, and your work has led my associates and I to the 
conclusion that your artwork would make a great addition to our new exhibition and publicity project. - Suzie Maria, Editorial Director at Creative Concept Inc.,
Creative Concept Inc.
GAA Team and Guest Curators have seen your artworks and find it interesting for our exhibition. It suits our concept
 and we think that it will be of interest to our audience. Therefore we have collectively decided to hereby invite
you to
become part of the Vienna Showcase exhibition, - GAA TEAM -
Global Art Agency Ltd.,
I loved looking through your landscape photography, you have some stunning pieces. I do believe that your work is 
strong enough for you to have a Solo Exhibition at our Gallery. - Alysha, Gallery Assistant, The Brick Gallery

Dear Anita! We saw your great and brilliant and particular artworks on your website; lots of compliments for your rich art personality.
-Melissa Colangelo, Art Event coordinator at ArtExpo2016 Milano